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Saturday, 14 January 2012



Assalamualaikum..Rasenye lame tak  update blog kan?Sejak start sekolah tak update blog kan??Sejak naiik form 3 nie,susah nak bukak laptop..Parent azril pegang..Form 3 nie,buat azril rase buzy sangat..A lots with homework,tuisyen and so on..penuh jadual..Takpe tahun nie kene berkorban sikit sbb nak pmr..Penting tu..but seriously i say,i scared a lot..And because of that i have to study a lot..But a girl must be in my mind..i don't know why..I can't forget her..haha..kelas sbelah sebelah kot..she like a drug for magnet..Err...but first thing to do is fokus in pmr..forget about love..Just think about it after spm..That's my target!!haha..sick..jangan nak waiting kat dia,taktahu lag jodoh kita dengan siapa..k bye..

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